“People in the Boxes”


Jennifer Jefferis

Why did I save them

Pack them along

To Washington, Oregon, Alaska and back

Settle at the foothills of the Catalina Mountains

Begin to gather the people in the boxes

Some no longer living

Some I cannot find

Some so tightly woven into me it as if by design

Not just by chance I saved them

Brought them all along

For the pictures have captured all of us in time

Horseback rides, waterskiing on the lake, pets we loved, time with friends

The pictures tell me it is time to share them

Whisper it in my ear

Encourage me to hold on to what’s most dear

Celebrations at the park

Family gathered round a table near the swings

Christmas at Aunt Ethel’s house

Waiting to see what Santa brings

Struggling with pictures glued fast to aging pages

I am determined to rescue them

I know the photos will salvage our faith and visions

Yet what I really want – is to let them know I care about each one’s love

Still cling to the hopes that others will care too

Determined to harvest the history we’ve shared

I am reminded of the struggles and tragedies in our family

The pictures serve as mirrors of our lives

How we found our way through the rumble to hold on to one another

The pictures in boxes help frame us – hold us

Capture and save us

I’ll send copies out on CDs

Hope to hear back

When each one remembers

How we lived and laughed and loved