Paw Prints Tributes

Marcy Vernon

Need a gift for the pet lover’s birthday, a special occasion, holiday or in sympathy? A Paw Print Tribute is purrfect for all occasions! Pet lovers appreciate that 100% of your donation goes to a local pet’s medical needs (donation is sent directly to the vet office). Donations of any amount are welcome!

Visit our website at and click the Join or Donate tab to donate online and personalize/print a gift certificate for the recipient. We’ll notify the recipient of your gift. For gifts over $50, you’ll both see a photo and bio of the pet you helped (may take up to 60 days) and you’ll receive a one-year Network membership to see how we’re making a difference!

Important details are on the website but here’s the scoop for checks:

* Make check payable to the SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network and mail to SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue, c/o E. Summers, 39459 S. Moonwood Drive, SaddleBrooke Arizona 85739

* Include your phone, email or mailing address, the recipient’s name, email or mailing address and the reason for the gift.

* Print and complete Paw Prints Tribute form online and give to your recipient (optional).

For information about this program, visit our website or contact  Leslie at  724-689-9843/ [email protected].