P.E.O. Chapter EP’s Spring Fashion Show and Luncheon

Sue Hedrick

Our Gems of P.E.O. was a sparkling success! P.E.O. Chapter EP’s Spring Fashion Show and Luncheon glittered and delighted its crowd of 300 women with gems, music, delicious food, and gorgeous fashions from Chico’s. Proceeds support P.E.O.’s philanthropic educational opportunities for women, including grants, scholarships, loans, and stewardship of Cottey College, a liberal arts college for women in Nevada, Missouri. Our theme came about when our member, Susan Barnes, came into ownership of a large box of costume jewelry. Our team decorated tables with sparkles coming right out of that box.

Attending our event were two living gems: Sofia Lyon, our Star Scholar candidate from Pusch Ridge Academy in Oro Valley; and Lydia Bailey who is an International Peace Scholar candidate from England in a doctoral program at U of A. There are many highlights to remember, but these two young women are perfect examples of why we hold this wonderful event annually. Our mistress of ceremonies, Barbara Barr, set the tone for the afternoon with her vibrant personality. Barbara introduced Aliyah Douglas, a young vocalist with whom the SaddleBrooke community is well acquainted. Aliyah sang “The Lord’s Prayer” prior to a delicious lunch and fabulous dessert. SaddleBrooke TWO’s Liz Lawson and her talented staff provided beautiful table settings, excellent service, and quiche with warm salad. Attendees raved about how lovely everything looked and how delicious the food tasted. Our hats go off to Liz and her banquet staff.

For the sixth year in a row Bon Voyage Travel graciously sponsored our fashion show, in addition to providing a gift certificate to add to our raffle. Bon Voyage has been, and continues to be, our go-to travel company, serving many members of P.E.O. and style show attendees. We greatly appreciate the expertise of Bon Voyage and their great service as we travel all over the world. We thank Bon Voyage for their continued sponsorship to help deserving women reach for the stars.

Working with Chico’s was so much fun. Wanda Tompkins, Chico’s manager, and her assistant Stephanie Bell, fitted P.E.O. models Susie Anderson, Lorraine Erickson, Lynn Hobbs, Dianne Fulkerson, Carol Nickel, Joan Stewart, and Dee Zellinger. Models looked great as they pranced the runway, each showing off adorable spring fashions and accessories. Chico’s offered the audience 10% off plus another 25% off in-store purchases over the weekend. Rumor has it, Chico’s was very, very busy following the show. Aliyah sang three more numbers, “Till There Was You,” “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” and “Je Veux Vivre (Juliet’s Song).” Everyone was deeply moved by her range of talent, her youthfulness, and what will surely be a spectacular future.

Our 2019/2020 Ways and Means Committee was comprised of eight hardworking sisters: co-chairs Sue Hedrick and Susan Barnes, Connie Byrd, Mary Baglien, Vicki Graham, Dorothy Herr, Carol Nickel, and Carolyn Reygers. There were also many helping hands from other members of Chapter EP, including President Carol Odell. Kudos all around! Most of all we thank each of the ladies who attended the 2020 Luncheon and Fashion Show for supporting our philanthropic endeavors for deserving women. P.E.O. chapters support the educational and charitable funds of the P.E.O. Sisterhood, but are not classified as charitable by the IRS. Therefore, donations do not meet the IRS requirement for a charitable income tax donation. P.E.O. shall not be liable, in any way, for any goods and services supplied by third-party vendors or public establishments.