Oracle’s Singing Beekeeper

Speaker Fred Terry

Speaker Fred Terry

Pamela Boedeker

SaddleBrooke Nature Club’s first meeting of the season on October 13 introduced Fred Terry, known as Oracle’s Singing Beekeeper. Fred has been raising bees since the 1970s. His knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for the business are impressively extensive.

Fred has researched and aided beekeepers in Central and South America. He has given presentations to international groups of beekeepers and scientists. People have traveled from distant countries to Oracle to learn from Fred.

The medical uses for beeswax and honey are of particular interest to Fred. Bee products were used by ancient Greeks. Singers have known the benefit of honey on their vocal chords for centuries. Scientific studies are verifying honey and beeswax can be used to heal wounds, reduce allergies and suppress coughs. An ingredient called propolis is a resin type substance in honey that has anti-viral agents with great potential.

African Bees were of particular interest to the group. Fred has raised African Bees since the early 1990s. He dispelled myths and misinformation about African bees. While confirming their ferocity he presented positive characteristics of African bees. They are superior in their ability to survive severe drought and parasitic mites. They actually could be a solution in solving the problems with Hive Collapse!

Agricultural chemicals have had a detrimental effect on bees. There are half the number of hives now compared to the end of WWII when the use of chemicals became common practice.

The audience was interested to learn bees have a contented buzz. In our blooming Palo Verde trees they are happy, well fed and not likely to attack. However, the sound of pounding or motors can turn that buzz into an angry zzzzzz that can indicate a potential attack!

Fred can be found at The Farmers Market located at the corner of First Avenue Rillito every Sunday. His locally raised, unprocessed honey is sold there.

The next meeting of the SaddleBrooke Nature Club will be Monday, November 10 at 4:00 p.m. in the Coyote Room downstairs in the HOA 1 Clubhouse. The Guest Speaker will be Liz Barta, a registered nurse from U of A speaking about Desert Dangers: Venomous Creatures of the Desert.

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