Oracle School District

Gala fundraiser auction to feature fixed-price events

Maria Menconi and Ann Vernon
Have you gone to an auction, gotten caught up in a bidding war and ending up paying more than you wanted to? Or have you really wanted something but gotten outbid? There is a solution: fixed-price events! And at the Oracle Schools Champions Helping Children gala this fall, you can participate!
For several years, the major attraction at the now defunct SaddleBrooke Treats and Talents auction were the fixed-price events. Since this auction is no longer being held, the Oracle Schools Foundation Board is bringing it back for its gala fundraiser to be held at the HOA clubhouse, in the Vistas, at 5:00 p.m. on Oct. 20. Fixed-price events include theme parties such as a Beach Boys Blowout or an Elvis party, lessons on how to do something such as making candy or brewing beer, or other fun events such as wine tasting parties, a Mexican fiesta or cocktail parties featuring musical performances by talented SaddleBrooke residents. Each event will have a limited number of participants who can attend. There is no bidding because each event has a fixed price. So, you can sign up for the events of your choosing and you are all set to go! These events will be published before the auction on the website, and you can decide before attending the auction what you want to attend or do. The Oracle Schools Foundation website is So, keep an eye out, as we’ll be letting people know when they are published.
To walk you through an example, suppose there is a Make Your Own Pizza Party for eight people that you want to attend. You would come to the gala and sign up. These events fill up fast so you would want to be there right at 5:00 p.m. when the action begins. Once you sign up, you would receive a coupon to take to the check-out table at the auction and pay the price, say $30. You would get a ticket with event details and the persons hosting the event would get your contact information so they can be in touch with you, either to arrange a mutually agreed on date or to confirm details if the date was already decided by the host and listed in the description.
Now we have one more very special favor to ask of you! Get some friends together and come up with an idea for an event you would like to host. Write a brief description and include the number of people who can attend. You can either select a date and time or indicate that a date and time will be mutually arranged with those attending. Those hosting the event cover the expenses as a donation to the auction. Most events are priced at $25-$35 per person, which is pure profit that will help fund preschool education in Oracle. If you can offer a fixed-price event, please write it up and send to our fixed-price event chairperson, Chris Crum, at [email protected]. She is also happy to communicate with you about how to do the write up or organize the event.
Those who attended the Treats and Talents auctions remember what fun these events were, so come join us for the Oracle School Foundation, Champions Helping Children, at 5:00 p.m. on Oct. 20, and help raise money for a good cause. Details for tickets to the gala will be coming soon.