Open House Held by the SaddleBrooke Table Tennis Club

Current SBTTC members Amy Benson and Les Goins play with visitors Gloria and Don Day, while SBTTC member Jeff Laub talks to visitors Loyal and Emily Tillotson about the club.

Susan L. Schwartz

The SaddleBrooke Table Tennis Club (SBTTC) held an open house on Feb. 20 for SaddleBrooke residents to learn about the club. Paddles and balls were provided for guests to play with current members, who explained the rules of table tennis and played singles and doubles matches with them.

With 50 members, the SBTTC is an active club with players who enjoy the fun, exercise, mental health improvements, and camaraderie provided by table tennis. We play in the Mariposa Room at DesertView Clubhouse five times a week on three tables. We also hold training sessions and round robins regularly.

Table tennis is not just a fun game played with friends. It is great exercise, and when played on a regular basis, table tennis helps to improve long-term mental health, including long-term memory function. It also has a relatively low risk of injury compared to other sports.

The SaddleBrooke Table Tennis Club welcomes new members. Residents can stop by on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday between 3 and 5:30 p.m. to check out the club. For more information, visit the SBTTC website at or contact the club president, Lou Doganieri, at [email protected]