October’s Calendar Girl: Joyce Sutay

Eileen J. Snearly and Joyce Sutay

Looking back over the years, I wondered how those years zipped by so fast! It was in California where I finally earned my MA at the ripe old age of 40 so I could teach the joys of public speaking. It was in California where I discovered showing Irish Setters at dog shows, skydiving, bocce ball, racquetball, skiing, and Lions International. Most importantly, it was in California where I discovered love. Becoming an Air Force Officer’s wife had meant moving around a bit; a highlight was living in the Philippines, traveling within Southeast Asia, and even riding an elephant in Thailand! It also meant appreciating what blessings we have in the United States.

Nine years ago, the gal from Chicago and the guy from Brooklyn decided to leave California. After extensive research, SaddleBrooke materialized and offered us exactly what we were looking for and more. Not having had much time for golf while working full-time and teaching, I plunged into golf. Joining the MountainView Niners became the conduit to meeting special friends and of course more volunteering with SaddleBrooke Troop Support, Windy City Club, and Learning in Retirement.

My current emphasis is devoting time to my husband of 43 years, Bob, and feline children, Alex and Max, while trying to learn how to gracefully say “no, but thanks” to volunteering opportunities.