November Is National Caregivers Month

Esta Goldstein

November is National Caregivers Month in the U.S., and caregivers deserve to be celebrated and acknowledged for their ceaseless care for those in need. Caregivers are the unsung heroes of the frontline of their respective medical spheres, and nobody can truly understand the challenges of caregiving more than a fellow caregiver. The truth is, we sometimes forget that they are human beings as well—prone to exhaustion, stress, and go through moments where it all becomes too overwhelming.

Due to the nature of neurological disorders, caring for a loved one with a condition can be highly frustrating as he or she slowly but steadily loses his or her ability to function. Not only does a caregiver feel increasingly underappreciated and lonely, the extreme pressure can have a serious impact on their physical and emotional wellbeing. We try to put ourselves in the sizable shoes of caregivers with some of the common deadly emotions they encounter: guilt, worry, defensiveness, grief, anger, resentment, and loneliness.

Waiting for the end can put your life on hold, sap your strength, and prolong anticipatory grief. Keep the end in mind, but live a life that doesn’t solely revolve around it. Make time for yourself to embrace everything life has to offer and transmit that positivity to your loved one.