News from the SaddleBrooke Softball World!

Part of the “Sidewalk Gang,” Rick Ervin and Paul Buchanan enjoy some softball action.

King Mitchell (aka Mitch)

Well, softball fans, it’s Oct. 25 (deadline the 26th), so the Softball world here in the SaddleBrooke ‘hood is two weeks into the fall season. That means, among other things, that most of our fall and winter snowbirds have drifted on in, and the rosters are filling up. Good to see them back. Well, most of them—yours truly generally drops a spot or two in the batting order when the big guns get back into town. Hope they had a good summer back home/up north and don’t have too many mosquito scars!

Well, the big news is our Veterans Day Tournament scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 12. It will be just over by the time the Progress publishes, so results next time around. Next up is all the way into March and St. Patrick’s Day. Still, the association sends a shout-out to our two primary Veterans Day sponsors, Arizona Indoor Air and Community Church of SaddleBrooke.

Meantime, league action! Well, it’s only been two weeks, but still there’s been some good action. The Recreation League is back for the fall, and SB Pet Rescue/Bill Wescoe has jumped out to a 2-0 league lead over Shifren Physical Therapy. The PTers better start getting in shape! Get it? Well, anyway, in Monday Community, the Longo Firm (yours truly on the mound) is off to a 2-0 start, with Stone Canyon Painting and The Charles Company both at 1-1 and Splendido heading for “cellarville” with a 0-2 start. It’s early, though! Tuesday Community has Titan Power Sports starting with a 2-1 lead, with the UPS Store at 1-1 and The Moore Advantage Real Estate Team at 1-2. Tuesday Competitive has Robson Communities blowing out to a 3-0 league lead, with Ranchero Market at 1-2 and Ridgeview PT trailing at 0-2(see Shifren comment previous). Swinging into “over the hump day” action (who cares about that anymore?) in Community, Tucson Orthopaedic has jumped out to a 2-0 lead over Tri-Community Lock at 0-2. Ditto in the Sidewinder league, with Lexus of Tucson at 2-0 and Mend Massage 0-2. The Coyotes on Thursday have X-Pert Auto at 2-0, with Window Wizards at 1-2, as is Your CBD Store. Winding up on Friday, in Competitive, Players Pub is 2-0, with Pride Mechanical trailing at 0-2. And, finally, in Friday Community, Waste Management (yours truly on the mound again) has jumped to a 2-0 lead, with Twin Lakes Air and Western Exterminator both at 1-1, and Wanda Fudge-Long Realty the current cellar-dweller at 0-2. It’s early yet, though!

I know, I know, a bit short on the witty repartee this issue. Your humble softball scribe has been on the DL since last week, hunkered down mostly in the trusty recliner with, eventually diagnosed, pneumonia! Some tough days and nights ensued, dulling the razor-like wit a bit. But the meds are finally kickin’ in, and yours truly is on the mend. Regardless, the weather is turning perfect, a bit of chill in the morn’, warming up nicely by game time. Our beginning games are still at 8 a.m., and when I drifted by the other morning, a few of the players had their over-shirts on, and there was dew on the grass. Perfect. So, get on down to the field and enjoy some softball entertainment and camaraderie. There are always a few fans in the stands and drama (and a bit of comedy) out on the diamond.

For more information, you can surf us at or just come on down to the field down near the DesertView recreation and theatre facility and adjacent to the dog park. See you there.