News from the SaddleBrooke Senior Softball World!

Frederick King Mitchell, Jr., aka Mitch

Well, softball fans, back from a heatwave in New Hampshire early August and just early this morning from Manitowish Waters, Wisc. I know you’re all thinking, “Manitowish what?” Yeah, well, you can’t get much further north in the great State of Wisconsin than Manitowish without running into the UP of Michigan. But my buddy Tom (no mean softball player in his day-I’ve filled in on his teams over the years on a few visits and downed a few Leinies afterwards as well) has been fishing the waters of the Northwoods since childhood, and he and his family before him and the ones who’ve come after have records of muskie and walleye galore. Naturally, it being lake country, he and the wifey do have a ski boat, pontoon-party boat, two aluminum fishing boats, four or five kayaks, and a couple of canoes. And, of course, the old beater truck to get said boats back into the bush where the fishing, I can tell you from personal experience, can be pretty awesome! So, there are some bass, crappie, bluegill, and walleye dinners in my near future. Definitely some mosquito repellant as well.

What? Oh, softball. Well, let’s see what’s been happenin’. First off, by publication (around mid-September), our annual Labor Day Tournament on Sept. 5 will be long gone. More on that, natch, in the Saddlebag Notes and this journal later. But thanks again to our sponsors Arizona Technical Services (our primary sponsor) and Window Wizards on the grub program.

Meantime, I understand we had quite some precip around here whilst I’ve been gone! Anyway, some games got played. So, in the Monday Community League, Community Church of SaddleBrooke is 5-2, Canine & Co. is 4-3, and Coyote Golf Cars is 1-5. Ooops! Pretty obvious who’s gettin’ their patooties kicked on Mondays! Tuesday Community has got Drews Barbershop at 3-2 and Dominick’s Italian 2-3. However, at my earlier writing, we go to the rest of the leagues, and the top dogs are all at 3-0, with their “punching bags” all at 0-3! Call the commissioners! What the … ? And yours truly is on a couple of the “punchees.” So, it could be time for some serious “investigative” reporting. Issue a few search warrants! Start checking a few key bank accounts! What? Okay, here on the 26th looks like some trades may have been made. Tuesday Competitive has DS Builders the “puncher” at 4-1 and Concierge A/C the “recipient” at 1-4. Ditto for the Sidewinders on Wednesday with Golf Cars of Arizona at 5-0 and Firetruck Brewing “da other”! On Thursday, Hardin Bros. Automotive was 3-0 but now is 3-2, and Healthy Skin Dermatology is 2-3. A comeback! And, finally, on Fridays in Community, Kristy McInnis-Coldwell Banker Realty is now 3-1 with Leah Kari Medicare Solutions the current cellar-dweller at 1-3, and Competitive has Jim Click Automotive at 4-0 and Mend Massage, again, not! Maybe after publication of this “hard-hitting” reporting, a couple of the commissioners will make a trade (or two). Of course, they won’t read this (if they can read, anyway) until mid-September publication and the season is over Sept. 23, so … ! Sometimes you’re the windshield; sometimes you’re the bug. The beer’s still cold whether you win or lose.

Well, I’ve said it before, but I’m saying it again … come on down to the field anytime and hang. Or surf our Association at for more information. And remember … “A hot dog at the ballpark is better than roast beef at the Ritz.”