News from the SaddleBrooke Senior Softball World!

Ken Crossman, one of our outstanding volunteer umpires (photo by King Mitchell)

Wall of Honor nominee Steve “Hawkeye” Grabell, one of our outstanding volunteer umpires (photo by King Mitchell)

King “Jimmy Olsen” Mitchell, aka Mitch

Softball’s back! That long, frozen winter layoff (well, three weeks) is over, and SaddleBrooke Senior Softball is back in action. Well, my deadline is the 26th, so there will be only two weeks of action before my editor Perry (White) has to have my hard-hitting copy. So, my league reporting will be a bit limited. But for the winter season, there’s going to be five days of softball entertainment and action, which will run until mid-April. Recreational (single A), Sidewinder (AA), Community (AAA), Coyote (age-based/geezer league), and Competitive (majors) Monday through Friday. Given the climatic conditions this time of year, the games will begin at 9 a.m. for now. “Management” will likely adjust this earlier as the temps increase over the next few months.

And, hey! Saturday, March 18, will be our St. Patrick’s Day Tournament. Put it on the calendar. Softball drama and comedy, music, dogs, brats, and beverages are all on tap. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, our Prez Peter Romeo asked me if I could put a little shout-out in the Bags and the Progress for some volunteers who have made exceptional contributions of time and effort to support the SaddleBrooke Senior Softball Association success story.

I can’t wax very eloquently with a 600-word “chain” around my neck, but … there are some volunteers who, over time, have stepped up to the plate so often, and in so many ways, that our Wall of Honor Committee submitted their names to the Association Board for special recognition and “election” to the Volunteer Wall of Honor. And, so, these individuals are recognized and honored by the board and the entire SaddleBrooke Senior Softball Association for their exceptional contributions over an extended period of time: Harry Adams, Tim Benjamin, Bob Chiarello, Steve Garceau, Steve Grabell, John Reingruber, and Pat Tiffenbach. Thanks, guys!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (or in this case, the Brooke), league action! Well, 15 days’ worth, anyway, with probably half of those ending up canceled anyway! In fact, here on the 25th, at this writing, only the Thursday and Friday leagues have gotten in their two days of play! Wet, cold, snow—you name it.

Because there’s been so little action and the need to shout out those volunteers, yours truly is just going with standings for now. More action next issue.

In Monday Rec, Community Church of SB is up 1-0 on Concierge A/C at 0-1. In Monday Community, Coyote Golf Cars, DS Builders, and Firetruck Brewing are all 1-0, with Copper Health at 0-1 and Dominick’s Italian drubbin’ it at 0-2. Tuesday Community has Golf Cars of Arizona at 1-0, with Hardin Brothers the opposite. For Tuesday Competitive, Andy’s Irrigation is 1-0, as is AZ Indoor Air. Barron Electric is in the cellar at 0-2. Jumping to Wednesday, in Community, Jim Click is 1-0, with Healthy Skin Dermatology and Canine and Company at 0-1. Sidewinder has Brittni Guttman at 1-0 and Catalina Family Dental at 1-1. Thursday Coyote has AARP and Absolutely Art both at 2-1, with Ambient Air the recipient of those two thumpings. On Friday, in Competitive, Big Bear Garage Doors is currently 2-0, with Bubbs Grubb having been the munchee on those two loses. In Friday Community, Players Pub looks like the current “hitter” at 3 ‘n’ 0, Arizona Air at 1-1, and Wanda Fudge leading the charge downstairs into the cellar at 3-0.

Well, that’s all for now, folks. Softball action Monday through Friday down to the field. Come on down. Put March 18’s St. Paddy’s Day Tournament on your calendars.