New Year’s Resolutions for United SaddleBrooke

Like many, United SaddleBrooke has made some New Year’s resolutions for 2023:

1. Encourage increased collaboration between the two HOA boards for smoother operations, cost savings, enhanced home values, and improved community spirit.

2. Promote our belief that the best SaddleBrooke—the SaddleBrooke we all bought into when we moved here—is a United SaddleBrooke, however that may be defined.

3. Encourage the two HOA boards to reinstate a formal long-range planning process, which is the norm in most of the HOAs against whom SaddleBrooke competes. It is an essential part of good association management.

4. Expand our membership and the information that we provide to members.

5. Do everything we can to make SaddleBrooke a better, friendlier, and more attractive place in which to live.

Happy New Year to all from United SaddleBrooke!

SaddleBrooke homeowners are invited to our monthly Open Information meetings. For dates, times, locations, and details about United SaddleBrooke, please visit