New or Recent Residents in SaddleBrooke: Learn More About the Institute for Learning in Retirement

Kenneth Marich, Member, Board of Directors

The Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR) is an adult continuing education program founded in 2005. The ILR provides a broad range of educational opportunities right here in SaddleBrooke for all residents. The ILR program offers more than 30 courses throughout the year. All courses are designed to meet the needs of active retirees and feature no tests, no grades, and no papers—just a group of residents getting together to learn something new and enjoy stimulating discussions. Courses usually last five to six weeks and meet once a week for two hours.

Under the guidance of its voluntary board of directors and its excellent faculty, the ILR has provided high-quality, college-level courses to the SaddleBrooke community for 18 years. The courses cover a wide spectrum of subjects, including science, music, astronomy, energy, history, physics, dinosaurs, magic, foreign affairs, medicine, geology, literature, religion, art, law, mythology, and many more topics. See the ILR website for past course offerings.

The ILR now has more than 1,700 subscribers (members) who have enjoyed the courses and found them to be academically comprehensive, engaging, and insightful. To introduce newcomers and current residents (who are not already lifetime subscribers) to the SaddleBrooke ILR program, we are sponsoring a lottery to win a free ILR education course. Five lucky winners will each be awarded a free registration to the course of their choice in the fall (September through December) 2023 ILR term. The list of courses available will be announced in August. It’s easy to enter. Just send an email to [email protected] by Aug. 23. In the subject line, type “Free Class.” The five winners will be selected and notified by email on that date to have plenty of time to choose the course they want to take. The rules to enter the ILR lottery are: 1) You must be a resident of SaddleBrooke (full-time or part-time), and 2) you cannot be a current subscriber (member) of the ILR. Good luck! For more information about the ILR and to see what courses have been offered in the past, visit the ILR website

The ILR is always looking for new instructors and topics that would appeal to active retirees. If interested, go to to see the requirements.