My Photography Plans

Barbara Wilder

During this unsettling time when we don’t know what is coming next, I feel that the best thing for me is to make some positive plans for this period of seclusion. I’ve always enjoyed my photography hobby, since it is productive and keeps me in a happy place.

Several years ago, I did a photo a day as a challenge to find something each day worthy of a photograph. I did this for five years and can now look back and see what I was up to on any day during those years. Why not do it again? I have the time and this is the most historic moment probably in my lifetime.

So, for anyone with a cell phone or camera and a computer, here’s what you do:

In your pictures, make a folder called “2020 Coronavirus Days” or whatever you choose. Then make a new folder titled with the month. Within that you can add a picture each day such as “01 Toilet Paper Shopping,” “02 Books to Read,” or “03 My Kitchen Drawer.” Hopefully, you’ll have some nice ones of wildflowers from a walk or a screenshot of the grandchildren. This could eventually be made into a photo book and be passed down to your grandchildren. They would see a glimpse into your everyday life.

For photographers, now is the time to get out your camera manual, learn how to use all the buttons, and take it out of auto mode. On YouTube there are so many tutorials on many creative techniques. Consider this as a very long snow day and amuse yourself with making art through good photos. I enjoy still life set-ups, because the finished product is much like the Old Masters’ still life paintings. Maybe they couldn’t travel either and made use of what was in their own homes or studios.

Make a tabletop arrangement of your treasured keepsakes, family mementos, or hobby materials. Sports equipment, trophies, gardening tools, or flower arrangements all could mean something to you and be fun to make into an artistic tabletop vignette. If nothing else, now would be the time to walk through the house and do a photo inventory of your furniture, closets, and even your credit cards (front and back). You know you have always meant to do that. I used to do that when I lived in Texas and a hurricane was coming.

Since the coming months are uncertain, we can’t really invite you to visit the SaddleBrooke Photography Club yet, but when life gets back to normal, we will again meet in the Agate Room at SaddleBrooke TWO’s Arts and Crafts Complex on any Wednesday and Friday morning from 9 a.m. to noon.

For photography questions, email me at [email protected]