MVLP Hawaiian Goofy Golf

Eileen J. Snearly

The MountainView Lady Putters (MVLP) gathered on the MV putting green on Sept. 12 to play Hawaiian Goofy Golf while dressed in colorful Hawaiian attire.

After being welcomed by our colorfully dressed president, Roberta Wisniewski, there was time to introduce guests and receive names of those absent who need to get well wishes and support.

The Putters had a challenging obstacle course set up by the committee. There was plenty of chatter and laughter as Putters negotiated flocks of pink flamingos and bouquets of flowers, while wiffle bats, wooden mallets, and swim noodles were used as putters. The most challenging task was putting from one’s unnatural side of the ball. In other words, if natural is right, then putt left, and so on.

Lunch was efficiently served in the MV ballroom at 11:30 a.m. where a signature Mai Tai drink was offered for purchase.