“Music on the Road” for charity

Shirley O’Brien

In October “Music on the Road,” Jim and Shirley O’Brien advertised that they would provide 30 minutes of live holiday party music for a minimum of $50 donation for IMPACT – Catalina Food Bank.

The results are in: The annual “O’Brien Holiday Party Performance Caper” raised $3,387 from 476 generous revelers at 11 parties beginning December 4 and ending December 25. It was a win-win-win! It was a win for the hosts who had live music instead of canned, a win for the Food Bank who can multiply these dollars by seven and a win for us, who love to entertain any time of the year but especially to perform our Christmas set once a year. Although this is an annual holiday effort, the Food Bank needs help year-round. Don’t forget them or us if you want to donate through live music. Contact: Shirley O’Brien, [email protected].