MPMGA Honors Past Presidents at Presidents Cup

Past Presidents (left to right): Matt Kambic, Dennis Marchand, Chuck Kelsey, John Borchert, Dan Nordhill

Bruce Fink receives his award from President Dick Helms.

Jim Grosjean

Each year the MPMGA holds a two-day tournament and luncheon to honor its past presidents. The event format was individual net score and included a round at both The Preserve and MountainView. To the dismay of some, there was no max score limit, which made for some unusual totals. In the end, Bruce Fink emerged as the purple tee and overall winner with a combined net score of 143. Other flight winners were Mark Gingerich, Don Erickson, Jim Nelson, Bill Bowers, David Cohen, and Warren Tiahrt.

At the end of play on day two, members were treated to an excellent meal in the MountainView Bar and Grill. The meal was comprised of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies, a salad, and fresh-baked cookies for dessert. The choice of beverages included free beer, which is music to a golfer’s ears.

The program included a segment on the rules of golf, presented by expert Phil Gray. We hope to make this a part of every luncheon program, as our golfers seem to have short memories! Prior to the presentation of victory cups to the flight winners, the five past presidents who attended were introduced to a massive ovation. Matt Kambic, Dennis Marchand, Chuck Kelsey, John Borchert, and Dan Nordhill accepted the adulation with their usual humility. Our next special event was the Member-Guest Tournament on April 6 through 8.