MPLN’s golf pairing process


Eileen J Snearly

As you will see, this volunteering job requires much work and dedication. The MPLNS thank the past pairings ladies, as well as the present. We all appreciate these ladies, and some of us did not realize all the many facets that this entails as we golf every week.

1. Download players from Chelsea and put a partner with a new golfer.

2. Vary the pairings as to golf with different partners each week.

3. Vary tee off times as to ensure early and late times are scattered.

4. Handicaps in teams A, B, C, and D are within five points of each other.

5. Printed starters report is sent to all pairings ladies to check for errors.

6. Report sent to Web Masters and wait for cancellations.

7. Score cards are printed and sent to the Pro Shop.

8. After play collect score cards, and receipts for money paid.

9. Check everyone’s math on score cards, and decide number of flights based on players and determine winners.

If game involves State Medallion qualifying round, the gross and net scores are sent to AWGA.

These ladies not only work weekly games, but work with special tournament chairmen during events.