MPLN Club champion Joyce Sutay

Joyce Sutay, MPLN Club Champion 2015

Joyce Sutay, MPLN Club Champion 2015

Carol Thompson

It was a festive celebration complete with balloons and fanfare at the Mesquite Patio as the MountainView Preserve Lady Niners anxiously awaited the results of their Club Championship tournament. The two day annual event in April began on the Preserve back nine and finished on the MountainView front nine. No one could have possibly complained about the weather – it was Arizona perfect. Competition concluded with a nail biter finish as golfers and guests awaited the last individual score to be posted. That last entry for two time Club Champion Kathy Schoenwetter, tied the lowest score of the tournament! Dueling scorecards revealed that Club President Joyce Sutay was the MPLN Club Champion for 2015!

Other tournament winners included:

Flight One: 1st Kathy Schoenwetter; 2nd Linda Rouse; 3rd Kay Tomaszek

Flight Two: 1st Linda Miles; 2nd Becky Fisher; 3rd Raye Cobb

Flight Three: 1st Diane Mazzarella; 2nd Carol Stellhorn; 3rd Diane Creager

The lowest score of the competition was earned by Linda Rouse with an amazing 44.

Thanks go out to Raye Cobb, Pat Mersey, Susan Elliott and our Club Pros Mike Jahaske and Ken Steinke for their help in making our event memorable. Congratulations to all our winners and participants.