Moving violations – safety corridors

Linda S. Groves, Rules and Regulations Committee member

To speed or not to speed, that should never be the question. Late for a doctor’s appointment; a speed limit of 25 MPH seems totally unnecessary to you because you are capable of driving at a much faster speed; you’ve never gotten a speeding ticket in SaddleBrooke; therefore, a warning would be sufficient; do any of these excuses sound familiar to you? You are not alone; these excuses are all too common from people who have been ticketed by our patrol officers. Speed limits are incorporated into our Rules and Regulations for safety reasons. Fines for breaking speed limit rules are, or should be, a wakeup call saying, STOP, pay attention to the rules of the community in which you live. Rules are a social contract of sorts that you agree to enter into when you become a resident of SaddleBrooke. When you break the community rules, it’s not the Board of Directors you are hurting, it’s your fellow homeowners who are also your neighbors and friends. The following is the official rule on moving violations.


Section 4.01: General

Traffic regulations are relevant to all vehicles within the boundaries of SBHOA#2, which include, but are not limited to, the following: automobiles, trucks, golf carts, recreational vehicles, trailers, campers, motorcycles, bicycles and any motorized vehicles.

Section 4.02: Moving Violations

A.: Speeding

1. It is a violation to exceed posted speed limits within the boundaries of SBHOA#2.

2. When an area does not have a posted speed limit, the following will prevail:

(a) 25 miles per hour (mph) in residential areas;

(b) 10 miles per hour in driveways and parking lots of the MountainView, DesertView, The Preserve complexes and other community buildings.

In addition to this rule, there are two safety corridors, developed strictly for the purpose of slowing people down in particularly dangerous areas. If you are ticketed for speeding within these safety corridors, your fine will be doubled. The following areas have been designated as safety corridors: Mountain View Blvd., Clubhouse Drive, Desert Bluff Drive and E Catalina Hills.

Please drive safely; the life you save could be mine!