Move to the Music Series begins

Bonnie Schoenfelder

The fall session of Move to the Music was busy burning calories in advance of the holidays.

Now the holidays are over. The cookies have been eaten. The fruitcake has been surreptitiously hidden, never to be found again and the waistband on the jeans is a little snug – what should you do? Sign up for a Move to the Music line dance exercise class. Dancing is a really easy and fun way to burn all of those excess calories and rid yourself of guilt. You can also use that new Fit Bit you got for Christmas. We usually do between 3,000 to 4,000 steps per class.

Time Magazine July 2017 states: When you cut a rug, you can expend more than 300 calories every half-hour, according to a report from the University of Brighton in the UK. That meets or exceeds the amount of energy you burn during an easy run or swim, the report shows. Even relatively tame forms of dance burn about the same number of calories as cycling.

Move to the Music is a dance class that emphasizes movement. We use easy dance patterns that can be learned and used quickly with a large range of music. Don’t worry if you don’t know line dance or if your dancing is rusty. Any kind of dance background or music training will give you a quick start. We’ll make it easy for you to have fun.

The series begins January 9 and runs through February 27; $40 for the series. Class meets 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. in the HOA One Fitness Center. Soft soled shoes required. Class is taught by Bonnie Schoenfelder, a ten year member of the SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club and instructor in Line Dance for Bloomington, Minnesota Parks and Recreation. Call or text 952-897-0291 or email [email protected] to reserve a place or for questions. Class is limited to 15.