MountianView Bridge Club news

Ann Kuperberg

The November Sectional in Tucson produced many SaddleBrooke winners. Of special note, Steve Sahl became a Life Master.

Congratulations also go to top ranking players. Barbara Feeley and Bob Brussel ranked 9 and 10 for the total games with 26.95 master points, playing pairs and Sunday Swiss Team.

Other big winners were Greg West, Peter Godfrey and Steve Sahl. Peter and Steve won one knockout and came in second place in another knockout with their team. They also came in second place in the B division of Sunday Swiss Team with Sharon Wyles and Ann Kuperberg.

In the 199 Swiss event, Carol Bidwell, Carole Dilie, Barbara Werdell and Joyce Honorof came in first place.

Our regular Tuesday and Friday games will continue at the Bridge Center of Greater Tucson or the MountainView Sonoran Room. Check our website: for the locations. If you need a partner, contact Jean Reitan at [email protected] or phone 445-8225.

Repeat winners for the first few weeks in November included Steve Sahl, Pamela Thaut, Dick Quigg, Tom Baker, Bonnie and Bob Hertzog, Bob Murray, Peter Godfrey, Eric Vonderheid, Sheila and Jeffrey Lesser, Sharon Wyles, Arlene Mayfield, Carl Kallina, Bob Brussel, Fay Kallina, Donna DePesa, Steve Maltzman and Loretta Wood.

More advice from experts:

Marty Bergen says, “When responder bids the fourth suit, what should opener do?” He says describe his hand further.

Simon Cocheme suggests the principle of Fast Arrival is weaker than going slow. For example, when partner opens two clubs and rebids two spades over your two diamonds, four spades by you, Fast Arrival is considered weaker than three spades.

My advice, too, is don’t make faces or comments to your partner. It not only disrupts their concentration, it gives information to the opponents.

When you play in a Sectional or Regional event, you get the opportunity to meet players from all over the region and possibly develop future partnerships. Duplicate Bridge is a competitive game and we all want to do well.