MountainView Lady Putters’ Spotlight

Kris Rudin

Our putter in the spotlight this month is Thelma O’Loughlin. She has been a part of the MountainView Lady Putters (MVLP) for 15 years. She started with no prior golf experience. Thelma is originally from Oklahoma, but has spent the last 16 years between Michigan and Arizona. Her favorite thing about being a putter is meeting new ladies. When not putting, Thelma enjoys Oklahoma State University sports. Go, Cowboys! Thelma has one married son, four married step-children, ten grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. She and her husband of 16 years built a house last summer in Michigan, which she does not recommend at 82 and 89, but they survived! Thelma’s goal has been to get a 39 putting. In early March she got a 37. Congrats, Thelma!