MountainView Lady Putters Event

Putter members and guests dressed for Halloween. (Photo by Raye Cobb)

Ginnie Schoepf and Eileen J Snearly

The MountainView Lady Putters (MVLP) hosted their first event since the pandemic started two years ago with the Putter Partner’s event on Oct. 27. There were 49 putters, including guests. By all accounts, everyone had a good time, and it was a great success.

Committee members for the program included Ginnie Schoepf (chairperson), Mary Williams, Jeannie Hepner, Carol Thompson, Sally Murphy, and Lois Byrd, with assistance from Fira Stout, who designed and printed name tags, and Raye Cobb, who did set up and photography. Thank you to the committee for all their hard work and organizational skills.

Prizes were awarded for first, second, and third place, as well as the secret money hole and door prizes.

Winners were: 1st place Jean Kraus, Tom Doig, Patty Stark, and Bob Stark; 2nd place Kat Danner, Karen Larkin, Pat Brothers, Maria Miller, and Mike Miller; 3rd place Geri Grant, Jim Grant, Roberta Wisniewski, and Ray Wisniewski. The secret money hole was won by Patty Stark.

Throughout the year, there are several events sponsored by the MVLP club. We hope you will consider joining our fun group and participating in one of these activities.

The MVLPs dressed for Halloween on Oct. 25 and putted the 18-hole course on MountainView putting green.

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