MountainView Bridge Club news

Ann Kuperberg

The MountainView Bridge Club will be meeting at a different location during some sessions in October. Look for us at The Bridge Center of Greater Tucson, 16150 N. Oracle Road next to Claire’s Café. The Tuesday and Friday games will start at 1:00 p.m. as usual. Check the website for game locations each session at If you need a partner, contact Jean Reitan at [email protected] or phone 445-8225.

The severe hurricane winds blew through the Caribbean and southeast United States, perhaps encouraging some snowbirds to return to SaddleBrooke early; we now see them at the Bridge table back in the swing of things.

There was a Unit-wide Bridge game on September 15 and SaddleBrooke players competed with others from around the Tucson area. Big winners were Dick Quigg and Tom Baker with a 63% game, Trudie Weber-Penta with 60%, Cam Mette and Bob Brussel, Jack and Arlene Mayfield, Paul Shalita and Eric Vonderheid, Sheila and Jeff Lesser, Bob Murray and Betty Meyer and Midge Miller and Betty Edwards.

In a separate game for players with fewer than 1000 master points, winners were Bud Smith and partner, Sue Bush and Joyce Hagin, Sheila Caterraccio and Don Reil, Carl Travor and Barbara Werdell, Barbara Starrett and JoAnn Ellison and Don Taylor and Ann Woodruff Roberts.

Congratulations to all the winners.

At our MountainView Clubhouse games, consistent winners throughout the month of September were Steve Maltman and Donna DePesa, Darwin Afdahl and Roy Aiken, Dick Quigg with Tom Baker and Ann Kuperberg, Marian Rogge, Jack Wholey, Bob Brussel, Betty Meyer, Eric Vonderheid and Bob Murray. There were many others who also scored points last month.

More advice from experts: Marty Bergen says, “When you voluntarily choose to play bridge with someone, it is not fair to get upset when partner does not play any better than usual.” We all have off days! Lynn Berg, in advice on “Where did we go wrong?” says, “A bad score may result from overbidding. If most stopped short, how did we get so high? Were we pushed in a competitive auction or did I just fall in love with my hand?” I seem to remember John Wolf’s advice: “There’s a pass card.” Karen Walker says, “When describing a professional team to compete in a world championship, partners were required to know their systems by heart. They would practice for hours.”

Keep in mind that Bridge is a game. Yes, we all want to win, but we should be tolerant of our partner and the opponents in the process.