MountainView Bridge Club News

Ann Kuperberg

It was nice to see the new residents, Larry and Lee Vucovich, play at the MountainView game in late July, and they won master points as well. New faces are always welcome.

The MountainView Bridge Club has games every Tuesday at 1 p.m. in MountainView’s Catalina Room. Bring your own water and mask. For further information, contact the club president, JoAnn Aiken, at 520-256-2702 or [email protected], or visit our website at

Larry Cohen discussed defending against a no trump contract. He gave an example of you overcalling spades when they open one club.

“I have heard students tell me they didn’t lead their suit because the opponents have it stopped. My answer is try to knock out their stoppers.”

He also said that if a declarer leads the nine of a suit, you should cover it since nine is considered an honor.

Mike Lawrence, in the same issue of Bridge Bulletin as Larry Cohen’s article, discussed when defender should force declarer to ruff. Defender has four of declarer’s suit, and declarer is void in a suit.

Lawrence said to keep playing the suit declarer is void so declarer is forced to trump, reducing cards in the game suit.

Another contributor to Bridge Bulletin, Marty Bergen, wrote how to improve your bidding judgment.

“Every player is capable of learning to bid much, much better than they presently do.”

Bergen said you must know and understand basic bidding, and you must know your partnership agreements. It’s wise to know your partner’s style of bidding, aggressive or passive.

Someone told me he also watches body language. When playing in person at the clubs, partners should be careful not to use facial or hand gestures to indicate frustration.

More local clubs are offering in-person games, but some of us will continue playing online games with Bridge Base Online.

Bridge is a great game to stimulate the mind.