MountainView Bridge Club news

Stephanie Parks

September already and time to encourage all of you to participate in the upcoming October Sectional at the Grande Luxe Hotel from October 15 through 19 (on Grant west of the I-10 freeway). Free coffee, tea, bagels, lox and sweet rolls for the morning players, a great lunch included as always on the Sunday Swiss Teams competition and a chance to earn silver points. Speaking of silver, I want to congratulate Loretta Wood and Michelle Werley for becoming Silver Masters. Well done ladies. We had nine rounds in August averaging a bit more than 11 tables.

Below are the Flight Winners throughout July — you may notice there are some who win more times than others:

A Flight: Darwin/Kay Afdahl (4), Dick Quigg/Tom Baker, Donna DePesa/Steve Maltzman, Dave Douglass/Max Limbocker, Arlene/John Mayfield (3), Peter Godfrey/Bob Brussel — Club Championships Winners; Bob Brussel/Eric Vonderheid, Al Spaet/Eric Vonderheid, Joy Rieckers/Karen Swanberg, Al Spaet/Lanie Constable, Bob Murray/Betty Meyer, Bob Stotts/Trudie Weber-Penta, Karen Swanberg/Joy Rieckers

B Flight: Karen Swanberg/Aaron Carnes (2), Jim/Terry Coe, Marian Rogge/Terry Coe, Sue Bush/Joyce Hagin (tied with Betty Meyer/Bob Murray (2), Sue Hagerty/Dean Frost, Karen Swanberg/Clarence Mette III, Vicki Hanson/Michelle Werley, Vicki Hanson/Dean Frost, Bob Saner/Peter Godfrey

C Flight: Betty Edwards/Midge Miller (4), Robert Lewis/Chuck Shaull, Ron Morris/Eric Vonderheid (2), Ronald Morris/Virginia Breier, Betty Meyer/Bob Murray (2), Peter Godfrey/Richard Quigg, Dean Frost/Sue Hagerty, Jane Pendley/Olga Lawrence

Congratulations to all winners! See you at the tables.

All details can be found at the website, We play every Tuesday and Friday at 1:00 p.m. in the Mariposa Room at the DesertView Theatre building, open to everyone. Feel free to join us.