MountainView Bridge Club news

Ann Kuperberg

Thanksgiving is over and stores are already filled with Christmas items. The MountainView Bridge Club players are full of good cheer when they play duplicate bridge at the Catalina Room every Tuesday and Friday.

Our Tuesday game time may sometimes be changed to start at 1:30 p.m. Check our website to be sure of the time and place. Fridays will remain at 1:00 p.m. If you need a partner, contact Jean Reitan at: [email protected].

Players look forward to the annual Holiday Dinner on Tuesday, December 18 at Roadrunner Grill where members will vote on a new board of directors.

Many SaddleBrooke players participated in the November Tucson tournament. Greg West won the most master points from our community, tying for second place overall and Mike Levy came in eighth place out of 329 participants. One special pair were the mother/son Carol and Mike Shelton. Mike Shelton also played with his wife, Julie.

Kay Afdahl reached 10,000 master points at the end of this tournament, a major achievement. Congratulations Kay.

First and second place winners at the Thursday open game were Arlene and Jack Mayfield followed by Barbara Feeley and her partner. The Swiss Team event second place winners were Steve Sahl, Peter Godfrey and their partners.

Friday events included Gold Rush with Anne Roberts and her partner coming in first place and Marilynn and Tom Baker in second. Pat and Mike Kotten came in first place at the 199er game two days in a row. The Open event had Ed Helpert and his partner in first place overall, Barb Dever and Robert Lewis first in C and Carol and Mike Shelton second place in C.

The Saturday Open event had Diana McGinn and her partner first in B with Julie and Mike Shelton first in C. Donna Sachrison and her partner came in first in the 199er event. Swiss Team winners overall were Sharon Wyles, Ann Kuperberg, Nancy Holt and Jud Jones with Carl Kallina, Bob Murray and partners in second place in C.

The Sunday Swiss Team event first place in B were Cam Mette, Joe Olivier, Jack Wholey and partner. First in C were Jim Wolf, Rick Dunie, Virginia Brier and partner.

We were fortunate to have SaddleBrooke’s Barb Feeley give a lecture on opening bids. She gave the example of opening a 22-point hand with a singleton. Oh, how we all want to bid two clubs! Barb’s advice is, “think of your next bid.” We really don’t want our partner to pass but…hope they don’t pass your minor-suit opener.