MountainView Bridge Club news


Ann Kuperberg

July was hot, hot, hot, but the MountainView Bridge Club still averaged 10-11 tables for the month.

Congratulations to Virginia Brier and Hy Osofsky, both C-level players, for coming in first place in one game.

Those who won three or more times in the month were Steve Maltzman and Donna DePesa, Darlene Barstad, Rick Dunie, Al Spaet, Darwin and Kay Afdahl, Marian Rogge, Jo Ann Aiken, Michelle Werley, Trudie Weber-Penta, Bob Murray, Jean Rietan and Nancy Pinkerton and Sarah Baumann.

Whenever there’s a change in venue, members are notified by email a few days in advance. Contact Jean Reitan at [email protected] if you need a partner. Remember, the games only cost $4 in the summer months.

Jerry Helms answered an intermediate player’s letter on how to improve his game. He said to study the game by reading books and the Bridge Bulletin, especially “the Bidding Box.” He also said “Play as often as you can.”

To quote Jerry, “Play with and against the best players possible. At times, this can be damaging to a fragile ego, but if you have the desire and can tough it out, you will be a better player for the experience.”

He also said to be a good partner, and your results and enjoyment of the game will prosper.