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Ann Kuperberg

The Tucson Unit provided a Pro-Am game in early May. That kind of game gives non-Life Masters a chance to team up with Life Masters, one “Pro” playing with an “Am” in the North/South position while the other pair play East/West. Our MountainView team of Paul Shalita, Joyce Hagin, Ann Kuperberg and Sharon Wyles tied for first place in the 27-table event. Virginia Brier and her Tucson team also tied for first place.

Many players go on vacation in the summer but June still brings out avid bridge players. You’ll find them at the Catalina Room each Tuesday and Friday afternoon. If there’s a change in venue, members are notified by email a few days in advance. Contact Jean Reitan at [email protected] if you need a partner.

Top May players who scored master points in three or more games were Steve Maltman with Donna DePesa and Sue Bush with Joyce Hagin winning the most games followed by Bonnie and Bob Hertzog, Sharon Wyles, Arlene and Jack Mayfield, Jane Pendley, Bob Murray, Eric Vonderheid, Sarah Baumann, Dean Frost, Vicki Hanson, Betty Edwards with Midge Miller and Pamela Thaut.

The Tucson unit will host a Membership Appreciation Day on Sunday, June 10 at the Skyline Country Club.

More advice from an expert: Lynn Berg says, “Usually we don’t analyze our triumphs – we just enjoy them. It’s our failures we take apart…

How to avoid errors and later problems?

*Take your time.

*Confirm the contract and that it’s your lead.

*If partner shows out of a suit, ask. A revoke isn’t established until your side plays to the next trick.

*Keep your cards in order until everyone agrees on the result.

*Don’t unsettle your partner. Don’t dwell on bad results now.

*Don’t let the opponents see that you’re unhappy. They may take advantage of your distraction.

*Always note the opening lead.

Partners should discuss problems after they leave the table or the opponents have left.

Be kind to each other.

The Bridge Bulletin, a monthly publication from ACBL, has valuable articles for players of all levels.