MountainView Bridge Club news


Ann Kuperberg

Now that the first Arizona Senior Regional in Tucson is over, we can look forward to future Senior Regionals here instead of in Chandler.

Congratulations to Betty Edwards who became Life Master after the Regional and to Sharon Wyles who reached NABC Master.

The MountainView Bridge Club meets at the Catalina Room next to the Mesquite Grill and always welcomes players of all levels. They provide a fun afternoon with candy for energy. If you need a partner, contact Jean Reitan at [email protected].

Top scores for March were achieved more than three times by the following players: Steve Maltman with Donna DePesa, Vicki Hanson, Eric Vonderheid, Paul Shalita, Jack and Arlene Mayfield, Pamela Thaut, Joe Olivier, Marian Rogge, Sharon Wyles and Steve Sahl.

In the March issue of Bridge Bulletin, Robb Gordon discussed Active Ethics. He listed four areas: the principle of Full Disclosure when opponents ask about a bid, Convention agreement with partner, Friendly demeanor toward opponents and consistent tempo and pace of play.

Mike Lawrence advises, don’t play too fast. You should lose a trick early in order to set up a long suit.

One other piece of advice from Adam Parrish, “the goal of a bridge auction is to arrive at the right final contract. Ask two questions: do we have a game? And do we have an eight-card major suit fit? If the answer is yes, a new suit by responder is forcing. Get to game.

Bridge can become addictive but is not dangerous to your health.