MountainView Bridge Club news


Ann Kuperberg

Congratulations to Steve Sahl on becoming a Bronze life master and Sue Bush for reaching the NABC level.

The Arizona Senior Regional was held at Tucson’s Expo Center from the end of February through March 4. Many SaddleBrooke players participated in knockouts, Swiss Teams and Pair games throughout the week. They competed against players from Arizona, southern California, Las Vegas, Colorado and New Mexico. Our MountainView players held their own.

During February, MountainView players who won more than three games for the month included Trudie Weber-Penta, Peter Godfrey, Joy Rieckers, Dick Quigg, Bob Murray, Ann Kuperberg, Steve Maltzman, Donna DePesa and Fay Kallina.

Remember, the MountainView Bridge Club meets at the new Catalina Room next to the Mesquite Grill. If you need a partner, contact Jean Reitan at [email protected].

Advice from Lynn Berg:

With an invitational hand, jump to the 3 level in your partner’s suit with 4-card support. Otherwise, bid a new suit, then jump. If you’re playing 2-over-1, you can bid 1 NT, then jump.

Usually a jump overcall is weak, but not over a preempt. If you jump over the first bidder, you have a strong hand. Also, in fourth seat, a jump bid shows a six-card suit with 12-16 points.

We’re always learning and should try not to make the same mistakes. Our brain cells are working and keeping us alert. Besides, bridge is a fun, challenging game.