MountainView Bridge Club has best Christmas party ever

Terry Coe

What a night! SaddleBrooke’s MountainView Duplicate Bridge Club put down the cards, danced on the tables and ended forever the old myth that bridge players are a stodgy, grumpy bunch.

The enterprising members who scooped up the unused drink tickets and imbibed enough to lose their inhibitions started the fun flowing. While the impromptu can-can performed by the club ladies was festive, the younger members who jumped on the tables and started reciting all possible can puns (I can cancan, can you? And whose can was canned, etc.) may have taken things a bit too far. This led to a regrettable extended punning contest between two of our formerly respected members: A dog breeder crossed a pointer and setter at Christmas time and got a pointsetter; A toothless termite walked into a bar and asked is the bar tender here?

This episode was halted by unanimous booing when happy hour ended-—time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana. The strip poker tables were more popular than the bridge tables. Next year, bridge will not be offered during the party, but the members must agree that only bridge will be played at our regular Tuesday and Friday games. The DesertView facility management and both SaddleBrooke One and Two Boards have taken a dim view on afternoon strip poker in the public facilities.

Seriously, we want to assure the Roadrunner management and staff that all damages will be paid in full and that next year some rules will be imposed. Of course, ever creative bridge playing minds are already working on new ways to make next year’s party even more memorable.*

Congratulations to Kay and Darwin Afdahl for their incredible 72% game November 27. Their play is always outstanding but this was super-—even for them. The fun loving MountainView Duplicate Bridge Club plays at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday and Friday at DesertView Mariposa Room. We welcome new players. Call Sue Hagerty at 818-6702 if you need a partner. And, as always, details of all play can be found on your computer or other electronic device at

*Some liberties may have been taken in reporting on this party. Your intrepid correspondent was not able to attend and, in line with recent media trends, chose to report rumor as fact. Happy New Year, everyone!