MountainView Bridge Club

Stephanie Parks

Summer and monsoon season seems to have started with a vengeance. Let’s all stay indoors and play bridge! We had an average of about 12 tables each for our nine games in June. For those who remember a couple years ago, we have almost doubled our players. And good players they are, too! If you doubt it, consider that on June 6 the Afdahls won with a 73.98% game and on June 16 Dick Quigg and Peter Godfrey won across the board with a 71.4% game in one of the NAP qualifying sessions. Which reminds me, there are more NAP qualifying games through August giving everyone a chance to compete in the North American Pairs final in Reno in the spring. On June 12 there were 14 full tables at our Club Championship game with pretty much all the big guns present, so I’m happy to say that this time Eric Vonderheid/Al Spaet sitting N/S took both A and B Flights and the C Flight overall winners were Barbara and Edward Haugland. Good job, Bridgers.

The Flight Winners in June were:

A Flight: Donna Depesa/Steve Maltzman (2); Dick Quigg/Sue Hagerty; Darwin/Kay Afdahl (2) and one overall; Carl Kalina/Bob Brussel; Eric Vonderheid/Al Spaet; Roy Aiken/Darlene Barstad; Dean Frost/Vicki Hansen (2); Richard Quigg/Peter Godfrey; Arlene/John Mayfield (2); Loretta Wood/Terry Coe; Bob Saner/Peter Godfrey; Sheila Bray/Peter Godfrey;

B Flight: Eric Vonderheid/Al Spaet; Bob Stotts/Ed Anderson – section and overall; Phillip/Sue Bush; Betty Edwards/Midge Miller; Peter Godfrey/Bob Saner; Richard Quigg/Sue Hagerty; Sue Hagerty/Dean Frost; Ann Kuperberg/Richard Quigg

Flight C: Peter Godfrey/Bob Saner (2), plus one overall); Barbara/Edward Haugland Linda Ascher/Martha Winn (2); Eric Vonderheid/Elmer Friedman; Betty Edwards/Midge Miller; Roberta Eisman-Goldstein/self; Sandy French/Jean Reitan

Congratulations to all winners! See you at the tables.

All details can be found at the website We play every Tuesday and Friday at 1:00 p.m. in the Mariposa Room at the DesertView Theatre building, open to everyone. Feel free to join us.