MountainView Bridge Club

Stephanie Parks

This February, of course, we did not have local games during the Regional at the end of the month, but the six games we did have were well attended with an average of 15 tables. As for the Regional, there were 10365.27 master points earned by 937 players, with a total of 1636 tables attending. Our members’ success at the Regional included: the team of Dick Quigg, Ann Kuperberg, Barbara and Edward Haugland who won the Sabino Canyon Knockouts, Bracket 4 (nine tables); Sara Doonan/Leo Pigaty who won B Flight of the Friday Daylight Pairs (23 tables); Richard Quigg paired up with Del Rieschick to win the B Flight of the Saturday Daylight Pairs (18 tables); Adair Karlin and Joan Merrill put together the winning team for Adobe Knockout Teams, Bracket 1, while Diana McGinn’s team won Bracket 3 and Ann Kuperberg’s team won Bracket 4 (each bracket had 12 tables). Ann’s team also won the 0-2000 bracket 5 of the Sunday Swiss Teams (seven tables). The most points awarded to anyone were 119.6 (no one I recognized, but it is worth mentioning that Adair Karlin and Joan Merrill racked up almost 51 points each!) Nicely done everybody. Back to the results locally:

A Flight: Arlene/John Mayfield (with a 71.6 % game!) Donna DePesa/Steve Matlzman (2); Joy Riekers/Loretta Wood; JoAnn Aiken/Barbara Feeley; Jeffrey/Sheila Lesser; Eric Vonderheidt/Al Spaet; Virginia Brier/Eric Shoberg; Blanche Waldstreicher/Bob Brussel

B Flight: Michael Dech/Ann Grub; Sue Hagerty/Trudie Weber-Penta; Dean Frost/Sue Hagerty; Barbara/Edward Haugland; Eric Vonderheidt/Al Spaet; Sue Bush/Pat Cotton; Richard Quigg/Tom Baker; Jim/Terry Coe

C Flight: Betty Edwards/Midge Miller; Betty Meyer/Bob Murray; Barbara/Edward Haugland

Congratulations to all winners! See you at the tables.

All details can be found at the website, We play every Tuesday and Friday at 1:00 p.m. in the Mariposa Room at the DesertView Theatre building, open to everyone. Feel free to join us.