MountainView Bridge Club

Don’t be scared about playing face-to-face.

Ann Kuperberg

We should be thankful for good health and active minds. What better way to stimulate that gray matter and see bridge friends than by playing bridge in person?

The MountainView Bridge Club meets in MountainView’s Catalina Room on Friday afternoons at 1 p.m. If you need a partner or further information, contact JoAnn Aiken at [email protected], or by phone at 520-256-2702. Our website is

This group of duplicate players always welcomes players of all abilities. It’s a great way to sharpen your skills as the cooler weather encourages us to leave our homes for more activity.

Marty Bergen wrote a two-page article in Bridge Bulletin on tips to improve your auction.

He said, “If partner opens a major, show support right away. With only 1 or 0 in partner’s suit, be conservative in your response.”

Bergen suggested, “If you have 5 spades over partner’s 1 heart bid, and you have game-going points, bid a minor at the 2 level. Partner will bid spades if he has 4 of them. Responding 2 diamonds promises 5+ diamonds, whereas 2 clubs can be a 3-card suit.”

“If partner opens 1 diamond,” Bergen says, “show your 4- or 5-card major. If you have a game-going hand, bid 2 clubs.” He also said, “with 1 4-card major and 16+ hcps., respond 2 clubs.”

Bergen had more advice on opener’s rebid after opening a major or opening 1 diamond.

He ended the article with a few tips: “When you don’t belong in 3NT, it’s sometimes correct to play in 4 of a major with a strong 7-card fit.”

“It is sometimes correct to play in 3NT with an 8-card fit in a major.”

Lots of information to digest, but worth re-reading.

Have a good Thanksgiving.