MountainView Bridge Club

Stephanie Parks

Happy New Year to all; it seems to have reached 2015 already. It goes so fast. We had our usual delicious dinner at the holiday party on December 9 with what appeared to me to be a good turnout. Thank you Trudie, as always, for such good planning. You make it seem effortless, which usually means it’s a lot of work!

Two reminders: First the Pueblo Regional is happening from February 23 to March 1 at the Holiday Inn Palo Verde (we will not have a game during that week) and second we return to $4 per game in January.

We had a sectional in November, which had 460 players attending and 411 points were won. Among our players who earned more than 10 points were Steve Maltzman, 16.77; Marie Heald, 16; Adair Karlin, 13.17; Sarah Bauman, 12.43; Stephen Pozez, 12.43 and Donna DePesa, 11.57. Quite a few of us won less than 10 points, but you need to let me know if you want that publicized or not. The top winners won 37.09 (Greg West and George Good, if you care).

I am also asking if someone would volunteer to write a column for me now and then. I’m happy to include any information you like (when there’s space), but some of you might want to try your hand at the column, in case I have to stop doing it for some reason. Let me know.

We only had six days of play in November; we lost one Friday to the Sectional and another one to losing our room but turnout was pretty good for the days we had with an average of a bit more than 10 tables each time. Our winners in November were as follows:

A Flight: Richard Quigg/Ann Kuperberg; Paul Shalita/Joyce Hagin; Sharon Wyles/Ann Kuperberg; Bob Brussel, Blanche Waldstreicher (2); JoAnn Aiken/Barbara Feeley; Donna DePesa/Steve Maltzman (which was also first overall on November 11); Sandy French/Jean Reitan; Michelle Werley/Marian Rogge; Joyce Hagin/Larry Reich; Bud Smith/Linda Gorman; Arlene/John Mayfield; B Flight: Bob Murray/Betty Meyer (2); Diana McGinn/Steve Sahl (including first in overall on November 11); Tom Baker/Richard Quigg; C Flight: Martha Winn/Linda Ascher; Sonnie Davis/Peter Godfrey (3) including a first overall on November 11); Sue Bush/Pat Kotton; Sheila Caterraccio/Ann Annis; Peter Godfrey/Irma Frank, Well done winners!

All details can be found at the website, We play every Tuesday and Friday at 1:00 p.m. in the Mariposa Room at the DesertView Theater building, open to everyone. Feel free to join us.