MountainView Bridge Club

Ann Kuperberg

Congratulations to Cam Mette and his team for placing in the North American Online Bridge Championship. He proves that playing online can be rewarding.

Local clubs had special games for The Longest Day event at the end of June, contributing money for Alzheimer research.

Since the MountainView Bridge Club opened, there have been first and second place winners as follows: Bob Murray with Bob Brussel, Cam Mette and his partner, Arlene and Jack Mayfield, Al Spaet and his partner, Marian Rogge with Vicki Hanson and Trudie Weber-Penta, and Roy Aiken with his partner.

The MountainView Bridge Club has games every Tuesday at 1 p.m. in MountainView’s Catalina Room. Bring your own water and mask. For further information, contact club president JoAnn Aiken at 520-256-2702 or [email protected] or visit our website,

We won’t need a candle to light our way to the bridge club, but can enjoy its glow at night.

Some of us will continue to play bridge online at virtual games, ACBL pairs, and other competitive venues, as well as casual games with friends.

The Bridge Bulletin had a humorous piece with great photos by Jack Beeler. He showed how he does exercises, eats meals, practices yoga, goes to the bathroom, all while playing bridge online.

Another article by Marty Bergen discussed hand evaluation. He said, “As soon as I get my hand, I immediately think about the following:

*Is the hand ungradable, down-gradable, or will its true value be the same as it appears to be?

*Next, I count my traditional number of high-card points. If I have any suits with 5-plus cards, I add for length.

*The presence of intermediate cards – 10s, 9s.

*Location of honor cards, etc.

*Distribution of three shortest suits.

*Number of quick tricks.”

He mentioned other considerations as well, but those were the highlights.

Every time we play, we can learn something, even against world class players.