MountainView Bridge Club

Stephanie Parks

Hi, all. I trust those who attended the Regional in Mesa in early October have recovered and that all had a good time. I enjoyed the week, but my bridge game was not present, sad to say. All the details can be found at the ACBL tournament results page if you want to see who won what and how many points. However, I will take note of those of our little band who came in first in anything: Sheila and John Bray won 8.41 points when they came in first in the Tuesday Gold Rush Pairs; Barbara Dever and Judith Huntsinger won the side game Wednesday morning for 2.88 points; The Swiss Team of Stephen Pozez, Marian Wilson, Sara Baumann and JoAnn Aiken won the Wednesday evening Swiss team event for 2.93 points. Donna DePesa and Steve Maltzman won the Thursday Daylight Pairs for 14.70 points, and the Saturday Senior Pairs for 9.52 points; The KO team of Marian Wilson, Adair Karlin, Joan Merrill and JoAnn Aiken won Bracket 2 of the Cholla KnockOuts and Roberta Eisman-Goldstein and Stephanie Parks came in first in a Friday afternoon side game. Congratulations to all.

Back to September; we again had nine games with an average of about 10 tables. We also again had an impressive 71.02% game and again by John and Arlene Mayfield—perhaps their system isn’t so cockamamie after all. The winners in September included a couple of names I haven’t seen on the list before, Mindy Hawkins and Helen Turner. Keep coming back!

A Flight: Eric Vonderheid/Bob Brussel; Michelle Werley/Joy Rieckers; JoAnn Aiken/Michelle Werley; Darlene Barstad/Roy Aiken (aw, c’mon Aikens! If you’re gonna split up, at least play in the same direction instead of winning both directions in the same game!); Arlene and John Mayfield (three times including Unit Champ); Jeffrey and Sheila Lesser (2); Sara Doonan/Leo Pigaty (Club Champ); Vicki Hansen/Marian Rogge; Eric Vonderheid/Al Spaet; Dean Frost/Sue Hagerty; Sarah Baumann/Stephen Pozez (2); Donna DePesa/Steve Maltzman; Barbara Feeley/Michelle Werley; JoAnn Aiken/Darlene Barstad

B Flight: John Mayfield/Steve Maltzman; Arlene Mayfield/Al Spaet (Hey, you, too Mayfields? At least play in the same direction when you guys share your skills with someone else!); Betty Edwards/Midge Miller; Betty Meyer/Cam Mette; Sue Hagerty/Mindy Hawkins; Bob Brussel/Al Spaet; Bob Stotts/Trudie Weber-Penta (2); Tom Baker/Richard Quigg; Ann Kuperberg/Richard Quigg (2); Darlene Barstad/Donna DePesa; Leo Pigaty/Sara Doonan(2); Judith Huntsinger/Barbara Dever; Ann Kuperberg/Helen Turner; Bob Murray/Eric Vonderheid; Bob Stotts/Richard Quigg

C Flight: Sonnie Davis/Peter Godfrey (3); Sheila Caterraccio/Ann Annis; James Young/Carol Venetiou; Tom and Maryann Baker; John and Sheila Bray; Roberta Eisman-Goldstein/Stephanie Parks (2); Robert Lewis/Chuck Shaull

The MountainView Duplicate Bridge Club holds two games a week, Tuesday and Friday, at 1:00 p.m. in the Mariposa Room at the DesertView Clubhouse. Full details about the club, finding partners and the results of games are available on our website: Welcome to MountainView Bridge Club.