Mount Lemmon Obstacle Course

Tim Butler performs a ducking maneuver. (Photo by Ruth Caldwell)

Ruth Caldwell

Eight SaddleBrooke Hiking Club members headed up to Mount Lemmon on May 3 to seek the crisp, clear air. What came as a big surprise to most hikers was the number of downed trees across the trail on the Marshall Gulch/Aspen Loop. The heavy snowfall this past winter, coupled with the 2020 damage from the Big Horn fire had taken its toll.

In the 4-mile loop they hiked, they counted more than 20 downed trees across the trail! Most locations had a detour marked around the obstacle already, but there were still some over and under challenges. All in all, though, the group had a great time enjoying the tall pines and running water. Hikers included Maria Szentirmai, Arlene Daigle, Johanna Pawelczyk, Karen Schickedanz, Barb Rutt, Kurt Wallin, Tim Butler, and guide Ruth Caldwell.