MontainView Bridge Club news

Ann Kuperberg

The holidays are over and the Mountainview Bridge Club starts 2018 in the Catalina Room next to the Mesquite Grill in SaddleBrooke Two. Check our website for details If you need a partner, contact Jean Reitan at [email protected] or by phone at 445-8225.

December players who won three or more games include Steve Sahl, Vicki Hanson, Midge Miller, Betty Edwards, Fay Kallina, Sheila and Jeffrey Lesser, Steve Maltzman, Jo Ann Aiken, Darlene Barstad, Trudie Weber-Penta, Sharon Wyles, Barbara Sullenger, Bob Stotts, Arlene and Jack Mayfield and Bonnie and Bob Hertzog.

The MountainView players of all levels competed in the January Sectional in Tucson.

More advice from experts:

Leslie Shafer says responders should not jump in a new suit. She says,“go slowly” when you have a good hand.

Larry Cohen advises that a four-level preempt uses all the same principles as a two or three-level preempt with the difference that it’s an eight-card suit. He says don’t preempt with a strong hand.

Mike Lawrence suggests bidding DON’T when your partner is doubled. You’re showing two suits and it’s a good convention to learn.

It’s nice to see C-level players at the MountainView game. They often get points, more than higher level players.