Metaphysical Explorations Fall/Winter Schedule of Gatherings

Sara Bourland

The Metaphysical Explorations Group is excited to announce our upcoming events for this year and next. All events are on the second Wednesday of the month starting at 6 p.m. at the SaddleBrooke One Activity Center. In addition, we have a special event as well (see Jan. 21 date below).

Please go to our website under “Events” to learn more and RSVP for these and other future events at

Sept. 14: “Yoga and You,” with Karen Callan

Oct. 12: Members Potluck

Nov. 9: “Our Soul’s Purpose and Near-Death Experiences,” with Rev. Lowell Smith

Dec. 14: TBA

Jan. 11: “Astrology Forecast for the Year,” with Sara Bourland

Jan. 21: “Burning Bowl Ceremony,” with Suzanne Marlatt-Stewart

Are you interested in connecting with our members and helping out? We are looking for volunteers to assist with our events! Many hands make light work. Please contact us at [email protected].

We look forward to spending this time with you and getting together once again.