Men’s Putters Spring Report

Men’s Putters in our summer attire

Highlands Ranch Saguaro Cup team

Scott A. Baker

The Men’s Putters had some good weather and a good turnout for all of our Thursday morning tournaments this spring. The second quarter Saguaro Cup was held on April 20 with eight members from Highlands Ranch Men’s Putters taking on the team from SaddleBrooke. SaddleBrooke won this quarter 312 strokes to 316 for the Highlands Ranch group. SaddleBrooke will hold the trophy until the next tournament this summer.

The Men’s Putters welcomes every man to come and practice your putting once a week during a congenial competition with other guys. Putt every Thursday morning (10 a.m. winter, 9 a.m. summer) on the main SaddleBrooke putting green. We putt 18 holes with par 36 and use handicaps to even out the random teams competing for prizes ($3, $2, $1) and have individual gross and net prizes ($5, $3, $1). Pay $1 to putt each week, with a $20 membership fee. Try it by putting as a guest for free. Just show up Thursday morning about 15 minutes early.