Men’s Putters Holds Its Fourth Quarterly Awards Breakfast

Fourth Quarter Men’s Putters

Fourth Quarter winners

Dave Rutkowski receiving the Bob Gabric Award

Scott Baker

The SaddleBrooke Men’s Putters held its Fourth Quarterly Awards Breakfast for 2022 at the Agave Lounge on Feb. 2. More than 50 members showed up for the breakfast and awards presentations. The following awards were presented:

Fourth quarter winners:

Best Average Gross Scores: 1st Tom Virant, 2nd Bobby Carbone, 3rd Craig Griffin

Low Net Winners: 1st Dave Lancaster, 2nd Bill Reichert, 3rd Robert Bellamy

Most Improved: 1st Stan Schuette, 2nd Tom Virant, 3rd Richard Spitzer

Bob Bowlin Award (Best Average Gross): Jim Jevne

Syd Eagle Award (Highest Ace Average): Nick T. Mares

Most Aces Award: Dan Cavanagh and Tom Virant

Best Attendance Award: Richard Spitzer, Al Storey, and Bob Turcott

Most Improved Award: Pete Lewis

2022 Charles Schwab Winners Tournament winners: 1st Jim Jevne, 2nd Craig Griffin, 3rd Dan Cavanagh

Annual Low Gross Award: 1st Jim Jevne, 2nd Dan Cavanagh, 3rd Tom Virant
Annual Low Net Award: 1st Roland Darimont, 2nd Denny Teusch, 3rd Mike Shave

Annual Most Improved Award: 1st Peter Lewis, 2nd Bob Turcott, 3rd Dennis Holt

All awards were donated generously by Charles Schwab and Sonora Investment Management.

This year’s Bob Gabric Sportsmanship Award was awarded to Dave Rutkowski. Dave’s name will be added to the perpetual trophy plaque and displayed in the awards area of SaddleBrooke One.

After the awards breakfast, the Men’s Putters adjourned to the putting green where 63 men endured the cold temperatures to play 18 holes. The results were as follows:

Teams’ Low Net Average:

1st Place Team: Manny Conti, Ted Poliac, Jules Szentirmai, and Dean Woods

2nd Place Team: Bush Al, Craig Griffin, Ed Sand, and John Underwood

3rd Place Tied Team: Robert Bellamy, Greg Gurewitz, Owen Johnson, and Tom Johnson

Low Gross Winners with scores of 36 and 1st place: T. Variant and D. Woods; with a score of 37 and 2nd place: D. Stone; with a score of 38 and 3rd place: D. Cavanaugh, J. Jevne, D. Rutkowski, and M. Shave

Low Net Winner with a score of 30 and 1st place: E. Sand; 2nd place with a score of 32: G. Gurewitz; and 3rd place with a score of 33: T. Poliac

The Saguaro Cup is a friendly competition between the Men’s Putters at the Highlands Golf course at Dove Mountain and the SaddleBrooke Men’s Putters. It’s held quarterly with the teams taking turns at visiting the other’s course. This quarter’s tournament was held at the Highlands following the Men’s tournament at SaddleBrooke. Eight members traveled to the Highlands and, fighting a fierce wind, putted their best but lost the cup to the Highlands team 340 to 307. Next quarter, the Highlands team will come to SaddleBrooke to defend the cup.

SaddleBrooke Men’s Putters invites all men from SaddleBrooke One and SaddleBrooke TWO to practice their putting once a week in a congenial competition with other guys. Putt every Thursday morning (10 a.m. winter, 8 a.m. summer, 9 a.m. spring/fall) on the main SaddleBrooke One putting green. We putt 18 holes (par 36 and use handicaps to even out the random teams competing for prizes: $3, $2, $1) and have individual gross and net prizes ($5, $3, $1) each week. Pay $1 to putt each week with a $20 annual membership fee. Try it by putting as a guest one time for free. Just show up Thursday morning about 15 minutes early.