Men’s Putters Face the Highlands Men’s Putters for the Saguaro Cup

The SaddleBrooke Men’s Putters and the Highlands Men’s Putters after the tournament

Scott Baker

The Saguaro Cup Tournament is a quarterly event between the Highlands Men’s Putters and the SaddleBrooke Men’s Putters. The tournament rotates location between the two clubs every quarter and has been going on for eight years. This quarter, eight members of the SaddleBrooke Men’s Putters (Don Stone, Scott Baker, Aaron Houser, Jerry Deppen, Don Merritt, Howard Fagan, Al Weigel, and Robert Berkley) traveled to the Highlands at Dove Mountain putting green on Sept. 7 to challenge the Highlands team for the Saguaro Cup. The weather conditions were good, and the putting green was very fast. The SaddleBrooke team did their best, but they came out on the losing side and turned over the Saguaro Cup to the Highlands team. The final score was 291 to 320.

The Highlands victory was greatly assisted by Karl Piepho who had five aces. After the tournament, the Highlands team treated the SaddleBrooke team to a nice breakfast with beverages in the Highlands lounge.

Highlands Gross Team:

Karl Piepho, 0 handicap, 34 gross

Korb Maxwell, 0 handicap, 35 gross

Chris Puffer, 2 handicap, 37 gross

Ron Ceglia, 1 handicap, 38 gross

Total Gross 144

SaddleBrooke Gross Team:

Don Stone, 4 handicap, 39 gross

Robert Berkley, 3 handicap, 41 gross

Howard Fagan, 3 handicap, 41 gross

Al Weigel, 2 handicap, 43 gross

Total Gross 164

Highlands Net Team:

Van Crary, 2 handicap, 41 gross, 39 net

Steve Palermo, 3 handicap, 39 gross, 36 net

Howard Weinberger, 3 handicap, 36 gross, 33 net

Bill Darnell, 4 handicap, 43 gross, 39 net

Total Net 147

SaddleBrooke Net Team:

Jerry Deppen, 7 handicap, 48 gross, 41 net

Aaron Houser, 6 handicap, 41 gross, 35 net

Don Merritt, 5 handicap, 46 gross, 41 net

Scott Baker, 3 handicap, 42 gross, 39 net

Total Net 156