Men’s 9ers 2021 Membership Campaign Begins October 21

SB Men’s Niner Officers (left to right) Gary Brunelle, Jay Love, and Gary Beeler

SB Men’s Niner Officers (left to right) Gary Brunelle, Jay Love, and Gary Beeler

Dick Cook and James Wetegrove

Why join the Saddlebrooke One Men’s Niners?

1. To golf in a friendly setting with new or existing friends

2. To learn more about the game in an easy 9-hole format

3. To experience competitive fun with other golfers in Community

Who can join?

Membership in the SaddleBrooke Men’s Nine Hole Golf League is available to all male residents, renters or lot owners of SaddleBrooke One and SaddleBrooke TWO for the 2021 golf season.

Niner’s will enjoy membership in the Arizona Golf Association (AGA) and have a current and up-to-date Golf Index and Handicap to golf competitively in Men’s Niner events and other golf events outside the league.

The Men’s Niners play golf on Wednesday mornings and play nine holes with different members each week. League play occurs on SaddleBrooke’s three nine-hole courses. During the season the Niners host and participate in events with other nine-hole golf associations in the area. The 2021 League golf season starts on November 4, 2020, and the members are eager to meet new faces.

How much are the membership dues?

Annual league membership dues are $70 and include the dues for AGA. Membership period runs from November 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021. The ‘new members’ information letter explains how to make the dues payment. The membership fee is reduced for new members joining after June 1, 2021 to $50.

How do I join?

New member information letter and membership application form are available in the SaddleBrooke One Golf Shop, or can be printed from home on your computer, by going to Men’s Niners website, and find the new member information letter and the 2021 Men’s Niners membership application form listed on the left-hand margin of site. Membership chairman Dick Ashwood can be contacted for questions at [email protected], or call him 308-641-8974.

Men’s Niners Website

The SaddleBrooke Men’s Niners has a user-friendly website designed for the golfer. It provides information on the upcoming schedule of events, league rules procedures, winners reports, and a contact list for the league board members. The internet address is sites

The 2021 Men’s 9ers membership campaign begins October 21, and the membership meeting is October 21, 2020, from 9 to 11 a.m. in the SaddleBrooke One Clubhouse Agave Lounge.