Mars and Venus vintage 2018


Bob Edelblut

Wow! This year’s event was the fifth time this popular tournament has been played. It seems like only yesterday that the MPMGA and the MPWGA started the discussions that lead to the creation of this event. Is time really flying by this quickly?

Most of you know that the prior tournaments were just a bit controversial. The first two years were won convincingly by the MPMGA and then the MPWGA returned the favor by walking away with the trophy the last two years. Most agreed that change was necessary so the powers that be drew up a new format. For the first time men and women were paired together rather than against each other. Rumor has it that much fun was had by all.

Day one of the tournament was held at The Preserve Golf Course on September 4. The match was a two-person shamble where each player hit his or her drive. Then they chose the best drive and played their own ball in from that location. Each hole had a best net score for the women’s pairing and for the men’s pairing. Day one winner with a score of 115 was the team of Ralene Peters, Andrea Gray, Jerry Emmons and Gary Hodges.

Day two was played at The MountainView Golf Course on September 6. The game for day two was rotating partners. Each player in a foursome changed partners every six holes and the score recorded for a hole was the best net ball from each two-person team. The winning score for Day two was 124 and it belonged to the team of Jackie Kline, Jenni Long, Ron Tie and Greg Cahill.

If you are thinking right now that the champions must be listed above, you are pretty smart. Ralene Peters, Andrea Gray, Jerry Emmons and Gary Hodges survived a major rally by Day two’s winning team and won the overall championship by three strokes. Congratulations for playing some great golf!

All 56 participants were treated to a fabulous luncheon at the Bistro after play was completed. There was certainly much laughter and good cheer shared during the luncheon and, of course, the crowd applauded when the winners were awarded their prizes. See you all next year!