The magnificent beauty of SaddleBrooke

TJ Duffy

December is such a hectic time with decorating, shopping, partying, and celebrating that it’s easy to overlook what drew us to live here. As is often the case, we’re reminded by our visitors with mouths a gasp just how fortunate we are to enjoy the splendor of our community.

SaddleBrooke was one of ten Tucson area host sites for the United States Tennis Association Winter Nationals Championship tournament. Only nationally ranked players from the USTA’s seventeen districts compete for the title of national champion. The top 512 boys and girls in the 12s and 14s divisions traveled to Tucson to compete. More specifically, the top 128 girls in the 14s division (along with their parents, coaches and friends) came to the SB Tennis Center Pavilion and courts for five full days of magnificent singles and doubles tennis.

Not only do these young ladies mature physically by participating in this popular sport, their competitive spirit yields rewards in terms of scholarships at the finest colleges and universities all over the world.

I had the pleasure to greet most of our visitors who were quick to marvel at the quality of our tennis venue as well as the spectacular mountain views. They commented glowingly about the warm welcome they received from those lucky STC members and SB residents who were on hand to witness some truly outstanding tennis.

“I thought the event was great! I was amazed at how good the girls were. I made friends with one of the players and she was so happy I watched her match that she gave me a big hug when she came off the court; I will definitely be back next year to watch.” – STC’s Gary Rowell

Marc Avalos, the tournament director for the SaddleBrooke site along with USTA officials Dana Barnes and Keld Sorensen, ran a superbly organized event for this annual competition.

Special thanks for a very successful affair goes to:

*SaddleBrooke One Board and Management team members

*SaddleBrooke One Maintenance Personnel – Facilities: Joey Lopez; Janitorial: Carla Grady. Joey was in at 5:00 a.m. blowing off the courts, and Carla was very attentive to make certain everything was stocked and clean.

* STC Coordinators – Nancy and Kay (The Tennis Center office was humming with activity every day and Nancy graciously worked on Sunday.)

*STC Court Maintenance Team headed-up by Bob Stocks – Frank Valenti, Jay Clary, Jerry Fay, and Darrell Jackson.

*Steve Leane and Liam Flynn who worked tirelessly in stringing at least 32 racquets for tournament players as well as STC members.

*SaddleBrooke One Tennis Committee headed-up by Linda DePew

*2017 and 2018 STC board members

*Carol Zupancic made a dozen “tennis” pillow cases to give to selected players.

*STC members and SB residents for playing on other SB courts during the event.

STC actively supports the development of our nation’s youth. SaddleBrooke benefits in so many ways as STC actively brings University of Arizona players and young players from across the nation to enjoy our magnificent facilities.