Lots of pickleball instruction

Andrea Molberg

No doubt you know someone who plays, teaches or wants to learn pickleball. This extremely popular sport has taken the country and SaddleBrooke by storm. SPA, the SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association, is SaddleBrooke’s largest club with over 715 members, and the club is eager to help everyone improve their game.

Many volunteers devoted hours on the court to help others learn and perfect the sport in the busy 2016-2017 season. I hope I haven’t overlooked any.

The Introductory Lesson Team of Shawne Cryderman, Leigh Beaty and Nancy Boklund taught 97 “newbies” during 11 90-minute lessons in 2017. Introductory lessons resume September 19, 20 and 22.

Lois Violanti ran the Assisted Play program for years, and Greg Nelson took the reins in January 2017. Since January, the program had 115 participants and elevated 30 people to a 2.0 rating level, making them eligible to move on to the AAPL sessions. Gordon O’Dell, Dennis Reisinger and Nancy Carlson assisted Greg.

The Advanced Assisted Play Lessons, coaches headed by Jean Labovitch and Kosmo (Bob Kramer), helped over 1250 participants improve their pickleball skills during 40 weekly sessions. The dedicated coaches were Frank Mucklo, Deb Westwater, Howard Weinfeld, Jim Lorenz, Kevin Tharp, Leigh Beaty, Don Richey, Gary Giberson, Pat Schlote, Budge Givler, Jack Greck and Jim Jackson. AAPL lessons resume September 6, 2017.

Nancy and Bob Shelton, with Joan Van Matre as co-instructor, taught a session for 3.0 and 3.25 players in January, February and March. There were 12 participants in each session who learned a lot. Assistants were Wendie Nelson, Sara Santora, Bob Koerner and Mark Van Matre.

Brent Carlson, SPA’s lessons coordinator, also taught a course for “4.0 Wannabees” with the help of Pete Giljohann, Diana Giljohann, Jackie Kline, Joan Van Matre and Ed Szympruch.

We sincerely appreciate each and every one of YOU!

For more information about pickleball instruction, go to saddlebrookepickleball.com or spa.clubexpress.com.