Little Hooves and Big Hearts receives gift

Tammy Mockbee of LHBH and Dave Taylor of Saddle Notes

Tammy Mockbee of LHBH and Dave Taylor of Saddle Notes

Sue Robisch

Little Hooves and Big Hearts recently received a financial grant from Saddle Notes, Inc. Every year Saddle Notes awards a financial gift to not-for-profit organizations in and around SaddleBrooke.

Little Hooves and Big Hearts, located in Oracle, Arizona, offers equine-guided therapy to individuals with special needs. Instructors are certified in Equine-Guided Education using miniature horses. The small size of the horses allows children to comfortably relate and produces feelings of calm and wellbeing. The money from Saddle Notes, Inc. will be used to fund a wheelchair accessible cart.

At the Oracle facility children participate in activities especially designed to target one or more specific behavioral objectives. LH&BH also serves adults and seniors. The program benefits from volunteers, three of whom are SaddleBrooke residents: Marilyn Skoneczka, Lou Robisch and Sue Robisch. For more information call the office at 520-896-2820 or visit our website at